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Biomimicry responses to climate change challenges

It’s always great to see Janine Benyus spiral forth some of the ways that nature can collaborate with us and suggest solutions to our most vexing problems.

Learn more about Biomimicry here.


My take on sustainability, in video form

This morning I took a workshop on producing and editing screencast videos for the “flipped classroom.”  I chose to pursue my usual prey with my PowerPoint.  The results (including goofy headphones and wonderful, wandering workshop instructors) are visible here:

What is Sustainability vid start


So yeah, it could use a little more careful editing.  No telling when I’ll get around to making the “next segment” promised at the end.  But maybe it’s not entirely worthless?

And I was taking this training workshop at just the right time, as I’ve just been accepted to give a virtual presentation for the Asian Conference on Education for Sustainability.  I wish I could go in person, but it was a bit too pricey this time, and this way my carbon footprint is much lower.



So we broke yet another record for CO2 at Mauna Loa, with another daily average over 400ppm. There’s the “…ugh, we’re in so much trouble” graphic that goes with it: An then there’s the, “wow, we’re cooked” but oh-so-cute toaster … Continue reading

Could a carbon tax help solve our budget woes? | Grist

Could a carbon tax help solve our budget woes? | Grist.

Again, it’s time to start taking this seriously, as a potential solution for multiple problems.  See my previous post on Taxing Issues.

Two birds… one stone… and BOOM!  You have yummy dead birds.