1. WOW! I love it that you see what I was trying to do with this image! Yes, it is the time of the awakened feminine, and it is Gaia herself who will sustain and power this historical shift. Please come and check in to the blog from time to time. I just did a post of that amazing 84 year old woman who is one of our new heroes of the Movement….Blessings to you, AJN


  2. Post Script: As a fellow Total Nerd, you may be interested that one of the images layered into my GAIA digital painting is a shot of my Avatar, Happiness, in Second Life as Nefertiti. When possible in these OCUPY! images, I am hoping to layer in powerful images from history as a way of adding meaning to the current emergence. So here we have Virtual Nefertiti, our Statue of Liberty, and shots of a crowd of Egyptian woman in the Egyptian uprising in Tahir Square. I am going to be using more images from my travels in Second Life when I can, and collage them with the current images from current events, the idea being to try and say in a layered image far more than can be said in just words (see example of Marines at Iwo Jima layered with Constitutional Convention, etc.) We have largely lost our sense of history and cultural evolution, and perhaps in this ongoing work I can bring some of this sensibility into the current arena.
    Blessings, AJN


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