The latest orangutan crises…

There are so many other crises unfolding that I am processing and hope to speak to soon, but meanwhile there are two bits of news on the Pongo conservation front that I want to share (shout it from the rooftops) even as they break my heart.

Item the first:

Cargill Admits Buying Palm Oil from Illegally Cleared Orangutan Habitat » Rainforest Action Network.

The Tripa forest mentioned later in the article is near where I did my orangutan research on Sumatra at Suaq Balimbing.  A petition to address this is at
Item the second:
I got the following in an email from fellow orangutan researcher and conservationist, Stanislav Lhota.

I would like to keep you informed about the disastrous situation in Balikpapan Bay, East Kalimantan, which – among many other things – would lead to an extintion of one of the first successfully rehabilitated orangutan populations. It mainly relates to the proposal of the Balikpapan government to extend a huge industrial park into the orangutan habitat… It raises an important question – what is the meaning of orangutan reahabilitation programs if we subsequently allow the succesfully established populations to get eradicated to make the way for other land use? The situation is already very bad but the campaign to save Balikpapan Bay is still ongoing…  and there remains some chance to stop the industrial expansion.

This genus of great apes is losing ground so quickly now.  Please, sign petitions, get informed about what’s happening, and help however you can.

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