NTU races toward sustainability

Why would I come all the way to Singapore to do research on education for sustainability?  Here’s why:

NTU’s new icons of sustainability

In 2013, the two new [residential] halls achieved Green Mark Platinum status – the highest award for an individual building given by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) for environmental sustainability…

NTU is also set to become the greenest eco-campus in the world, with its aim to have a 35 per cent reduction in energy, water and waste by 2020.

They’re also requiring all incoming freshman to complete a short, multidisciplinary, online course on sustainability.  Learn more…

NTU is serious about becoming a leading world university, and how they plan to get there is by leading the world in sustainability.

I do believe I love my job 🙂



  1. And this just came in NTU President Bertil Andersson’s newsletter:

    “NTU has been leading the way and making the headlines as a “Green Champion”, not least when it comes to the campus. In April, NTU won the Singapore government’s biggest accolade for our strong commitment and corporate social responsibility in “greening” our buildings. To date, 18 building projects in NTU have been Green Mark-certified, out of which eight have attained the highest Platinum status. They include the new Pioneer and Crescent Halls, which just opened two weeks ago.

    This is just one way that NTU is walking the talk when it comes to sustainability, the Mount Everest of our research peaks of excellence. We are also proactively putting this idea into practice on campus by saving energy, reducing waste and becoming a test-bed for green technologies. And we are about to start a new school – the Asian School of Environment. In this way, we are also creating a sustainable future for ourselves and for future generations.

    This is probably the best birthday gift we can give to Singapore – to build a vibrant and inspirational learning environment, while devoting ourselves to producing new knowledge and technologies that will help create a more sustainable and resilient Singapore, and a more sustainable and resilient world.

    On this modest note, I wish you all a happy and meaningful National Day. Majulah Singapura! Majulah NTU! ”

    The place is not perfect, but it is determined to keep improving. Yay!!!


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