Adventures at AASHE

MYMatAASHE2017Thanks to support from many friends and relatives (and a scholarship from some conference sponsors that covered my registration) I just got back from the American Association for Sustainability in Higher Education conference in San Antonio, Texas.  I presented a poster, Higher Education for Sustainability in Asian Contexts, about the book (Education for Sustainability: Paradigms, Policies and Practices in Asia). Higher Education for Sustainability in Asian Contexts poster for AASHE 2017 Conference

I also delivered a one-hour workshop on Techniques to Foster Interpersonal Competences (slidesreferences | metaphors worksheet). The workshop participants seemed to enjoy the event, and were especially enthusiastic about the section on language and metaphors, and the 1-2-4-All activity from Liberating Structures. I met many wonderful people doing great work to improve the ways that higher education institutions can serve the interests of sustainability for future generations on earth.

A few things I learned about:

It was so inspiring to meet so many passionate and effective change-makers. Thanks  to logo2x and logo-text for sponsoring scholarships so some of us could attend, and special thanks to all of those who supported me on GoFundMe.


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