Far from normal…

Just a quick reminder that what you’ve grown to think of as normal isn’t at all normal…


Randal Munroe gets me so well.

Cars are not at all normal. Other things that we’ve come to expect in the last couple centuries are also very far from what is normal for our species.

An admittedly overgeneralized look at how humans as a species typically live.

Homo sapiens is at least 200,000 years old, possibly 300,000. The Anthropocene, the epoch in which we find ourselves, is just a tiny fraction of that. This means: 1) we’re not very well adapted to current conditions, evolutionarily-speaking; 2) we can choose to change any of these new things. There is no reason to accept the ‘status quo‘ as either static or preferable.

Things are increasingly weird, and they’re changing fast, so let’s choose to make better changes!



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