Imagined Worlds

The Imagined Worlds of Michelle Yvonne Merrill used to have this content, focusing on speculative fiction, creative non-fiction, writing and fandom.  It is now housed at

I started this blog because I was writing a speculative fiction novel… no, at least two different ones, but that’s been on hold for a while now.   This second blog was/will be a place where I would talk about what I’m writing, how the process is and isn’t working for me, and so forth: my “official” “author” site.

Who are my influences?  My heroes have always been… well, y’know, folx like this (in roughly the order I encountered their work):

I know I’ll never have the wit and craft that any of these folx do, but I’m trying not to let that get in my way.

Rocky Horror Picture Show
My now-husband and I in floorshow garb when we were in a Rocky Horror Picture Show cast.


Please, please, please let me know what you think.  I welcome feedback about ideas, plots, characters, style…

And yes, I’m also that Michelle Y. Merrill, the one with the Ph.D.

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