Environmental Justice and Sustainable Communities

As part of Cabrillo College’s 5th Annual Social Justice Conference, I’m hosting a discussion of issues of environmental justice and the connections between social justice, environmental health, the rights of indigenous peoples, social equity and sustainability.

Here are some videos that speak to this topic:

1. Global Climate Change: Indigenous Leaders Speak! (2010, ~5min)

2. Erica Fernandez,¡Si, Se Puede! Yes, We Can! (2008, ~4min)

“Erica Fernandez, a remarkable eighteen-year-old environmental justice activist and Brower Youth Award winner, helped mobilize her diverse community in Oxnard, California to defeat the placement of a liquefied natural gas facility just offshore.”

3. Clayton Thomas-Muller and Democracy NOW!’s Mike Burke discuss Canadian Indigenous Tar Sands  (2010, ~5min)

” Tar sands mining emits three times more greenhouse gas pollution than traditional oil and has come under heavy criticism from environmental and indigenous groups.”

4. Resistance to a proposed coal-fired power plant on Diné (Navajo) reservation (2006, ~8min)

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