Treehuggers and Torture Devices

That diabolical old torture device, the comfy chair.” – Spike, BtVS

As apes, we are by our very nature treehuggers.  It’s how we evolved.  It’s our birthright.

Well, sort of.  We actually gave up our climbing adaptations to become bipeds.  Being a biped is a precarious thing… our main mode of locomotion is to be continuously in a state of almost falling on our faces, then catching ourselves at the last instant.  We contain numerous evolutionary compromises to get around this way, leading to a host of common foot, knee and especially back problems.

So, I came across this yummy bit of visual styling on the monstrousness of chair use, and felt a need to share it with others like me who feel like you’re not working if you’re not sitting in front of a computer.  (I think that one of the brands of stand-up computer desks is “Anthro Carts,” so there ya’ go.  Anthropology explains almost everything.)

Enjoy the infographic:

Sitting is Killing You
Via: Medical Billing And Coding

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