Tell the UK Government to Stop Biofuelling Deforestation

SoS: Urgent: Tell the UK Government to Stop Biofuelling Deforestation

from Sumatran Orangutan Society

The UK Government is offering subsidies to energy companies to burn palm oil in power stations, as part of plans to reduce the country’s greenhouse gas emissions.

This huge new demand for palm oil will be very bad news for orangutans, forests, local communities…and the climate.

Numerous scientific studies have shown that burning palm oil for energy is even worse for the climate than fossil fuels, due to the massive levels of forest destruction caused by the palm oil industry.

These subsidies could lead to the amount of palm oil being imported into the UK every year being doubled.

And what’s worse, this is being funded by our fuel bills.

Find out more by watching our new campaign film, and then take action to stop this madness!
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