Rally in Richmond CA August 3rd

Mobilize: The Next BIG Rally [in the SF Bay Area]
Plan, Fund and Spread the Word
(Save the Date) Saturday, August 3 [Richmond, CA] 

Remember the Richmond Chevron refinery fire last August. Well, we’re mobilizing! It’s part of the national days of actions called “Summer Heat” by 350.org.

350 Bay Area and 350.org are on board with the KXL Action Council – Richmond Mobilization. This is the only Summer Heat action currently in the western U.S. Its going to be BIG.  While planning is underway, the core demands are:

  • No toxic hazards
  • No Keystone XL Tar Sands Pipeline
  • No dirty crude refining, including tar sands and fracked.
  • Just transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy

Volunteers are sought to help plan and publicize this major event. Donations to procure advertising (BART billboards) will help spread the word.  RSVP here.

Too much to include here so be sure to check out our Events Page

[copied from 350 Bay Area newsletter; see also “22 Arrested in New Wave of Resistance to Keystone XL Pipeline,” In These Times, 6/17/13 and “As Obama moves forward on climate, he faces a tough political task,” Washington Post, 6/14/13]

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