The Kitchen Curmudgeon turns her sharp wit to some of the media’s “trolling points” in their coverage of whistle-blower Edward Snowden’s revelations regarding the growing surveillance state.


(See Launch of the Carnada for how I’m using this word.)

dejavusmallThe Edward Snowden affair gives us a chance to review some “talking point” canards that get dragged out by the usual talking heads whenever questions of government surveillance and whistleblowers come up.  I call them “trolling points”, since their only purpose is to distract us from what matters.

After that, I hope to review what all this means in practical terms.

Trolling point #1:

“What’s the big deal about privacy?  What do you have to hide?”

If anyone seriously wants to ask this question, I expect you to send me photos of both sides of all your credit cards, and all the user ids and passwords that you use to log into everything, including your bank accounts. Oh, and your address, when you’re likely to be out of the house, and a catalog of all your more valuable…

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